frequently asked questions


Can we still hire YWE if I already chose my charity?

​​Absolutely!  We are happy to work with you on any organization of your choosing. 

I really like the beach and the ocean, can we find a project where the sea is involved? 
We will present you with several appropriate opportunities for consideration within your interests and passions!
How long is this all going to take?
Once your mitzvah project has been selected, we will confirm the type of commitment along with an Action Plan to fulfill. We will schedule 2 status phone calls a month for 6 months and work together on finishing your mitzvah project prior to your bar/bat mitzvah. 
If I'm too tired or if my schedule becomes hectic, will you finish the project for me?

Um....No.  Fulfilling your mitzvah project is your responsibility as part of becoming a Bar/Bat mitzvah.  We are here to help you choose the right organization and help you stay on track so you can complete your project with enthusiasm and pride.  

Will my parent(s) be involved?
Your parent(s) already have so much to do for your special day/evening so we are taking the Mitzvah Project off their plate! However, we are absolutely happy to work with the entire family!
If I suddenly need help with other aspects of my bar/bat mitzvah, can you help?
We are happy to put on our Mitzvah Event Coordinator hat to design and produce your service and celebration! 
Contact:   hello@yvonnewolfevents.com